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Alex Pipe Offers Wide range of plastic pipe fittinngs products

We are reckoned to be a preeminent Industrial Pipe Fitting Manufacturer and Supplier in the market. Our wide assortment of Industrial Pipe Fittings is manufactured using high-grade materials and made in compliance with international standards. These Industrial Pipe Fittings are made available to the clients in various sizes, dimensions and shapes to suit the clients’ requirements. Owing to their special features such as robust construction, superior performance, corrosion resistance, and easy installation, they are highly demanded in the market.

Plastic fittings are one of the most important requirements for finishing the task of pipeline installation. As the length of the pipe is very high, it becomes hard for the user to make use of plastic pipe fittings. There are different types of fittings now available for different types of applications. Without using the fittings, it’s not very easy for the installation team to do their task. For some special applications, it is a hard necessity for users to go for the right products. Let’s do help for you!

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uPVC Fittings

Pipe Fittings are an essential part of Plumbing requirements in industries, homes and commercial centers. Pipe Fittings are used for installing and joining pipes of different sizes and shapes. Pipe Fittings are available in different sizes, shapes, and materials according to their specific applications. Each Pipe Fitting has its own specification that makes it apt for a particular plumbing operation. The Pipe Fittings offered by the company are highly appreciated by customers for their precise dimensional tolerance and resistance to corrosion.

Best Quality

Alex Pipe India is one of India’s largest plastics processing company.

In response to a demand for products and services which are of the highest quality, we bring you plastic pipe fittings which prevent penetration, exfiltration, or root interruption caused by contending materials. Your satisfaction is our reward. Therefore, we bring you a range of pressure and non-pressure plumbing products which conform to the most stringent standards.

PVC Pipe Fittings

When looking to buy Plastic Pipe Fittings, come to Alex Pipe India Pvt. Ltd. and you will get nothing but the best. We have a team of experts and modern equipment, enabling us to produce Plastic pipe fittings that meet international standards.

Available with us is optimum quality PVC Pipe Fittings, which are manufactured using good quality raw materials. Our PVC Pipe Fittings are widely demanded in the market due to their durability and endurance against rough conditions. The PVC Pipe Fittings find application in various industries.

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uPVC pipes & fittings

uPVC Pipe Fittings

Alex uPVC Pipe Fittings System

Alex Pipe India uPVC pipes & fittings plumbing system is an ideal solution that is suitable for a wide variety of applications. One of the leading uPVC pipe fittings manufacturers, Alex Pipe is a highly quality conscious brand delivering transportation and distribution of potable water in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. uPVC pipes are not only technically superior to conventional galvanized iron systems but also offer multiple advantages over them. Alex uPVC pipes and fittings are strong and durable with excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The entire product range of Alex uPVC pipes, fittings and connectors are lead-free and 100% safe to use, allowing more hygienic water potability than galvanised or cement pipes. Being UV resistant, Alex uPVC pipes and pipe fittings are free from bacterial growth and wear and tear that takes place over long-term usage. We offer plumbing systems that have a very long life span due to the features attributed to uPVC as a material and Alex Pipe’s 100% automated processes.

CPVC Pipe Fittings

CPVC pipes are used for hot and cold potable water flow in Residential Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Educational Institutions, Swimming Pools etc. that require hygienic and uncontaminated supply of water. Because of better chemical and heat resistant properties when compared to other thermoplastic materials, they can be used in Chemical Factories & for other Industrial requirements too. These Pipes & Fitting are intended for use in residential and commercial, hot and cold, potable water distribution systems. Alex CPVC Pipes & Fittings are produced from a specialty blend of chlorinated polyvinyl chloride material with unique physical properties desirable for piping application.

  • Proven Hot & Cold Water Performance
  • Self-extinguishing. does not Support Combustion
  • Lower Thermal Conductivity
  • No Bacterial Growth Compared to other Piping Material
  • UV Resistance
CPVC pipe Fittings
conduit pipe &fittings

Conduit Pipe Fittings

Alex Conduit Pipes System

We are engaged in offering the best quality of Conduit Pipe Fittings to varied industrial segments. PVC conduit is used primarily in electrical systems.while PVC conduit typically works as housing for wiring.

Types Available :

  • Bend
  • Coupler

HDPE Pipe Fittings

Alex HDPE Pipes & Fittings System

HDPE PIPES FITTINGS offered in Butt Weld finish and in size options of 20mm OD to 315mm OD, Having capability to handle pressures of 6 Kg/ cm2 and 10 Kg/ cm2, these Pipes are developed using HDPE Fittings / PP / PPH material and can be made available in various specifications and dimensions. Manufactured according to the specified industry standards, Butt Fusion HDPE Fittings are the most cost-effective type of Fittings used in HDPE Pipes, These Fittings are joined with HDPE Pipes by Butt Fusion Method, Trained Manpower is required to Join these Fittings with HDPE Pipes as Best and Strong Joint depends on various factors like Proper Heating Temperature, Heating Time, Changeover time and Correct Pressure etc.

Types Available :

  • HDPE Slipon Flange
  • HDPE Pipe Bor Flange
  • HDPE Blind Flange
  • HDPE Short Neck Pipes End
  • HDPE Long Neck Pipes End
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MDPE Pipe Fittings

We have an extensive range of MDPE pipe fittings that are ideal for portable water. The MDPE fittings, we stock here at Alex Pipe India, have excellent resistance to pressure and impacts. Our MDPE water pipe fittings are used for the safe transportation of water above the surface and underground, they provide suitability for general plumbing projects. Alex Pipe India provide high-quality compression fittings that are unobtrusive, providing you with neat connections. Alternatively, the MDPE pipe fittings are perfect for garden irrigation too, allowing you to connect your drainage and sewage pipes securely. The MDPE fittings are quick and easy to connect, providing you with no downtime! Why not use one of our MDPE fittings for all your drainage concerns!widely used in Potable water supply

MDPE pipe Fittings