Alex Pipe India Pvt. Ltd. is based in Bhiwandi, Maharashtra is the most prominent and efficient manufacturers of HDPE pipe and Drip Irrigation System.

Assuring relevancy and quality is what makes us a global player in its own right. We assure that the products are met as per the customer’s expectations. Thus, we ensure the highest standard of output. In terms of quality assurance, we have set targets for measuring our performance and constantly discover prospects for enhancement. Quality is our hallmark and we conduct consistent quality checks on every product to ensure the best quality product delivery anywhere in the service. Quality Policy by alex pipe india All pipes and fittings at ALEX are manufactured under stringent process control and carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process to offer our customers flawless products. We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and to achieve this we ensure; Zero defect products. Best services. Timely dispatch. Client satisfaction at every level. Effective communication with clients. Seek for performance feedback from customers for improvement.
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